U of T’s Chair of the College of Electors posted a memo earlier this month seeking nominations for the university’s next Chancellor. The Chancellor is one of the most senior positions at the university, representing U of T in formal situations both at home and abroad and bestowing degrees on students.

The new Chancellor will ideally begin their term on July 1, 2018, after the completion of Michael H. Wilson’s tenure on June 30. Wilson has served the maximum two-term, six-year tenure permitted by the University of Toronto Act of 1971. The new Chancellor will be elected for an initial term of three years.

The College of Electors, a body established by Governing Council, is responsible for officially appointing someone to the position. The body is a group of 48 U of T alumni who represent the 27 alumni groups that are part of the University of Toronto Alumni Association.

Members of the College of Electors serve as liaisons for their respective alumni associations and are expected to update their associations throughout the year with news about the college.

Before the College of Electors can appoint someone, a search committee will first decide on a nominee to recommend to them. The committee consists of U of T President Meric Gertler, Chair of the Governing Council Claire Kennedy, and executive members of the College of Electors, including Chair Geeta Yadav, Vice-Chair Oliver Jerschow, UTM alumnus Kevin Golding, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education alumna Tracey King, and Faculty of Information alumna Alison Stirling.

The position profile for the Chancellor, established by the search committee, states that they are looking for a “distinguished person with a record of demonstrated excellence in their chosen field and in service to the community.” The Chancellor is expected to have a strong public presence, well-developed relationship-building skills, as well as to have demonstrated passion for U of T and a commitment to inclusivity. The Chancellor must also be a Canadian citizen.

Nominations for the position will be solicited until the committee makes a recommendation to the College of Electors. Nominations are made via a form found on Governing Council’s website.