“White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes

No chill playlist would be complete without the soothing sounds of Fleet Foxes. Play this song to build up your winter soundscape — one with comforting harmonies and lyrics that transport you to the most picturesque of winter locations.

“Hiding Tonight” by Alex Turner

You might recognize Turner’s voice from rock band Arctic Monkeys, but here he slows things down on a selection from his soundtrack for the 2010 movie Submarine. The whole album is six songs that will cradle you and rock you to a peaceful sleep, but this particular song is perfect for hiding under some blankets and thinking over your inner angst.

“Dreamer” by Low Roar

This song puts an emphasis on its haunting vocals more than anything else. Float away with this melancholic tune — you won’t want to come back.

“A Lack of Color” by Death Cab for Cutie

No acoustic playlist would be complete without the fathers of angsty, sad music. This is a love song for a love story that doesn’t quite work out in the end — it leaves you in the embrace of a broken heart.

“Some Things Cosmic” by Angel Olsen

Olsen has a voice that makes you feel vulnerable. She completely strips it back on this song, as her soul rises up from her body. We guarantee yours will, too.

“Apocalypse” by Cigarettes After Sex

This particular Cigs After Sex tune makes you feel like twirling around while lead singer Greg Gonzalez’s crooning voice wraps around you.

“Holy Dances” by Beach House

There are a number of Beach House songs that are strong contenders for a chill playlist, but this one has that feeling of magic that comes from seeing the first snowfall of the season or having snowflakes fall on your eyelashes.

“Visions of Gideon” by Sufjan Stevens

As soon as Stevens begins to sing, your eyes will sort of go, ‘I don’t know what’s happening right now, but the tears have started flowing.’ This song was featured on the soundtrack for Call Me By Your Name, and it speaks of heartbreak and broken memories.

“Love Songs for Robots” by Patrick Watson

Watson’s voice is like a soft whisper in your ear. It builds up with soft electric vibes until you’re dancing, waiting for the winter to end.

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