Yuli Liu is a third-year student in Architectural Studies at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design. Liu is currently the Vice-President External of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

If elected, Liu would focus her advocacy work on lobbying for “fairer rules on international student tuition increase caps,” as there are currently no limits on the amount they can be charged.

Liu said she would also spend time educating students on their rights as tenants, workers, and residents of Toronto.

With regard to the current UTSU plan to introduce a U-Pass, Liu said that, although the pass would not be particularly effective for her — she walks to school — she would support the U-Pass if that’s what most students decide.

Liu is also in support of leaving the Canadian Federation of Students, as she believes that “no real work [is] evident” from their advocacy efforts.

“I think it’s more efficient to work with other student groups… on campus. We can work together and make change, actually,” she said.

With files from Jack O. Denton and George Kell

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