The Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport looks like a cross between a cartoon villain’s lair, and a charred, over-sized diamond. While the $58 million building’s bold, sleek appearance lures students inside, it also begs the question: what exactly could be inside?

Housing FIBA-certified volleyball and basketball courts, a strength and conditioning centre, fitness studios, research and teaching laboratories, and a sport medicine clinic, the gym has something for every aspect of exercise, and can guide you through physical training, host varsity games, and help you treat sport-related injuries. Goldring is open seven days-a-week from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, allowing students to workout before, after, or between lectures.

In many ways, the interior of the building is just as mysterious and unusual as its exterior. For one, weights are on the metric system, so you’ll be lifting kilograms instead of pounds. In addition, the floorplan is organized in tiers; each tier has different machines, equipment, and weights. The top tier is often reserved for varsity athletes or kinesiology students. The lower three tiers are for everyone. 

The bottom tier has cardio machines, a patch for doing sprints and other high-intensity exercises, and free weights. The middle two tiers include lifting machines, as well as squat and bench racks. Staff are always present if you need a spot or assistance using a machine. During the few times I’ve been, music — usually modern hip-hop, was playing softly over the speakers.

On sunny mornings, the sun shines right through the large front windows, warming the gym and making an otherwise ordinary workout ethereal. The large windows and natural light are possibly the most appealing feature of the gym and contrasts heavily with the claustrophobic Athletic Centre weight room.

If you want to branch out and learn something new, Goldring also hosts seminars on nutrition, weightlifting, and other related topics. On February 26 at 6:00 pm, Goldring will host a free talk titled “Nutrition for Strength, Endurance and Sports Performance.”

Ultimately, Goldring provides students with a happy medium between the antiquated Hart House gym and the intense Athletic Centre and is conveniently located a short walk from the Bar Mercurio cafe, Robarts Library, and Graham Library. Goldring can serve as a productive pit-stop, a place to gather yourself, warm up, and refocus before heading out into the cold.