Blues second-year forward Louie Bieman attempts to corral the rebound away from Lakers second-year goaltender Danika Ranger (Click to Expand).


Blues fifth-year forward Lauren Straatman and Lakers second-year forward Sam Strassburger stay focused in anticipation for the face-off (Click to Expand).


Blues fifth-year forward Meagan O’Brien attempts to get back into the play (Click to Expand).


Blues first-year defenceman Jana Headrick looks back at captain Becki Bowering (Click to Expand).


First-year goaltender Erica Fryer watches at the puck sails past her crease. (Click to Expand). DANIEL SAMUEL/THE VARSITY


The Varsity Blues women’s hockey team opened the OUA playoffs with a convincing 3–1 victory over the Nipissing Lakers on February 20 (Click to Expand).