Star is the new-and-improved version of the musical drama Empire. It’s more thrilling and has a killer soundtrack and a flawless cast. 

The show follows an aspiring girl group, Take 3, as they navigate their way through the ins and outs of Atlanta’s music industry to achieve stardom. Take 3, however, is not your ordinary modern-day girl group. They do not benefit from the exposure that comes from participating in televised singing competitions like Fifth Harmony and Little Mix. Nor do they start off with a budget, or rely on ghost writers to produce their music. 

Rather, the trio — comprised of two half-sisters who grew up in foster care and their new songwriting friend who is trying to escape her life as the offspring of musical royalty — come together with nothing but their ambition and love of music to become Atlanta’s hottest sound. 

The group’s journey is far from easy. The girls deal with adversity that is all-too-common for any musical group, including jealousy, creative differences, romantic distractions, and their own individual demons that they must learn to conquer. Further, the girls must find a way to stick together in light of their individual musical achievements in the ruthless music industry that pits artists against each other. Yet, with an amazing support system to keep them in check and focused on their initial goals, the girls are able to overcome the hurdles thrown their way and stay true to themselves.

As a typical musical drama, Star exceeds the unexpected. With its unpredictable storylines that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat in disbelief, this show will have you constantly guessing. However, unlike the other dramas, Star aligns with reality by addressing a broad range of issues that have become increasingly relevant to society today. 

The show’s predominantly Black cast features celebrities such as Queen Latifah, Brandy, and Quincy Brown. The series tackles issues such as police brutality, racial profiling, and the acceptance of LGBTQ+ members within the Black community. Star also sheds light on other important issues such as sexual abuse, immigration, human trafficking, drug abuse, gang violence, and the flaws of the foster care system. 

Star is the show to watch on Netflix this fall. With a mixture of comedy, drama, crime, and romance — as well as a catchy soundtrack — this series will have you laughing, crying, singing, and dancing every episode. Additionally, with a jaw-dropping season three finale, you will be inspired to join the tens of thousands of fans who have already signed a petition to get the show renewed for a fourth season.