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crossword 6

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  1. Type of drug that’s often used to treat bipolar disorder
  2. Many keep one in their trunk
  3. Also
  4. A hot crime
  5. French noggin
  6. Concrete jungle (abbr.)
  7. Combs your lawn
  8. To be
  9. Uber gives this to each rider (abbr.)
  10. Spiritual vibe
  11. Doug Ford made cuts to it (abbr.)
  12. Andrew ____ Webber
  13. Either ___
  14. Text talk for this evening
  15. Activity that goes left to right in English
  16. Direction from Toronto to Montréal (abbr.)
  17. Muscles on the torso
  18. Someone who might grab an executive’s coffee (abbr.)
  19. “____ Night” by Vincent van Gogh
  20. Jay of late night
  21. “Get me this yesterday!”
  22. A slippery danger noodle
  23. Twitter’s version of sharing (abbr.)
  24. Not there
  25. Small island
  26. It’s as Canadian as darts and double doubles
  27. Canadian shoe store
  28. You can find one working in an ER (abbr.)
  29. And so on and so forth (abbr.)
  30. France has it but England doesn’t
  31. Stops up
  32. Professor’s assistant (abbr.)
  33. October birthstones
  34. Gossipers love to spill this
  35. Former leader of Russia (title)
  36. A French death
  37. A troublemaking first-year’s enemy (abbr.)
  38. Nut that’s often baked into pie
  39. ____-Canada, where gas is filled and windows are squeegee-ed
  40. Not a grade many are proud of, phonetic 
  41. Vote into office
  42. A goodbye message from The Varsity


  1. The highest point
  2. Country
  3. Long lock of hair
  4. In other words (abbr.)
  5. Eye infection
  6. Slang to get someone’s attention
  7. This type of reef hates sunscreen
  8. Tree from the genus Quercus
  9. Walk upon
  10. UTSU President Joshua Bowman served on the executive of this course union
  11. Deadly gas (chemical formula)
  12. Means ‘let it stand’ in the world of copy editing
  13. Approaches
  14. Sharp, acid taste
  15. Reddit abbr. for abbr.
  16. ___ calls can clog up your voicemail
  17. A princess endured one under her mattress
  18. “___ + Off” by Maggie Roger
  19. Working parents in quarantine wear headphones to block this
  20. The tongue’s specialty
  21. “I can’t be ____” (British slang)
  22. A position taken in an opinion article
  23. An achievement for a beginner, average for a professional
  24. Cucumbers meet hot rocks, meet white robes here
  25. The best is ___ to come
  26. Drinking holes
  27.  ___-mo (special effect)
  28. No way
  29. James of jazz
  30. Floor of the fireplace
  31. U of T’s closest university neighbour (abbr.)
  32. Unit for measuring a precious thing
  33. ____ and circumstance
  34. Michelob ____
  35. Folded flap on a fancy jacket
  36. Where a horse may sleep.
  37. Elizabeth Bishop was one
  38. What a magician might say after she finds your card
  39. Another term for a nope rope/danger noodle
  40. 65 ACROSS of a company (abbr.)
  41. Where one goal can decide all (abbr.)
  42. ___ Niño
  43. A U of T student in this program might be able to hack you
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