Following the modified Stage 2 restrictions implemented in Toronto, Ottawa, and Peel regions on October 10, UTSC Vice-Principal Academic & Dean William A. Gough announced via Quercus that all in-person class elements on campus will be moved online for the rest of the fall semester.

“If you are teaching or attending classes in-person, the in-person sections will transition to online sections,” Gough wrote. “Recording of [in-person] lectures for WebOption delivery can continue, but students may not attend.” Exams that were planned for in-person delivery will also transition to online.

On October 9, U of T Vice-President and Provost Cheryl Regehr had asked the university’s divisions to consider limiting in-person activities on all three campuses. Following the announcement, the Faculty of Arts & Science moved all hybrid courses online. In his statement, Gough verified that since all courses were guaranteed to be available online from the start of the semester, all in-person courses have already been operating partially online.

On Tuesday, UTSC elaborated on Twitter that access to the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, which all U of T students were able to access with their TCards, will be suspended. The tweet also mentioned that the only food options will be take-out.

These decisions follow recent announcements of the modification of activities at UTSG, mandated after residents in Toronto were advised by the government to limit non-essential trips outside their homes. However, UTSC has posted on its website that it is uncertain of delivery options for the upcoming winter 2021 semester.

“At the moment, we are planning for courses in the Winter term to be offered online, with some elements offered in-person, however, this is dependent on public health and safety regulations,” the website reads. “We recognize that Public Health restrictions may not allow for in-person elements in the Winter term. In this event, our current approach of being 100% online will remain in place for every offering.”

Despite these changes, UTSC continues to offer the fourth floor of Bladen Wing as a space for students to access wi-fi and computer services. There are also a limited number of study spaces available in the UTSC Library. However, UTSC’s website notes that the use of these spaces will also depend on future changes to health and safety guidelines as set by the provincial and municipal governments.

The Varsity has reached out to UTSC Media Relations for comment.