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Where to find workouts during a pandemic

Online classes to get you moving
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Whether you’re counting steps, calories, or how many months it’s been since life was relatively normal, it’s human nature to count something. If numbers aren’t your thing, maybe you’re philosophical about what your time in lockdown will count for in the long run. 

Will this time count as a step toward fitness? Or has exercise fallen to the wayside? No matter your actions so far, you can still make your COVID-19 time count toward a healthier lifestyle. With exercise gyms and studios ordered to close yet again, here’s a look at five fitness facilities that offer online programming. 

There’s something here for you whether you are on a tight budget or can afford a monthly membership. And, of course, U of T is offering virtual classes. Sure, it’s not the same as exercising with people in person. But if you’re able to make the time, an increase in physical fitness is within your grasp. 



U of T’s virtual fitness studio offers classes live and on demand ranging from pilates, high intensity interval training, cardio dance party, barre, and more. There is no fee for students enrolled in fall classes, and U of T staff, faculty, alumni, and students not enrolled this fall pay $34.99 per month or $129 per semester. 

While working out at home is not the same as meeting other students in person, it’s still a nice way to stay in touch with the student body — pun intended.

Schedule can be found here.


MoveU is a free tri-campus initiative made up of student volunteers who promote mental and physical fitness to students and community members across all three U of T campuses. MoveU Anywhere! has been offering short videos and workout plans for virtual exercise instruction since before the pandemic for students without ample time to exercise. 

MoveU’s exercise circuits come with clear instructions and training tips to keep you safe while doing a variety of programs including total body, core, and stretch workouts.


Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler has been offering free yoga classes from the privacy of her studio in Austin, Texas since 2012. Her popular YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene, has an online community of over eight million viewers who have learned about yoga and mindfulness through her dedicated teaching. Although Mishler has many videos available for free, she also has courses available for purchase through her website. 


The Running Room

The Running Room (TRR) has long been offering free introductory running groups that have recently moved online. If you’re new to running and have questions about apparel, nutrition, or hydration, you can access a running coach free of charge. TRR even offers virtual gait analysis to help you determine which running shoes are best for you.

Membership is free but requires registration


Toronto Boxing Academy

If physical distancing has you feeling pent up anger and irritability, boxing is a safe way to vent your aggressions. Toronto Boxing Academy (TBA) offers an award-winning program — that is now offered virtually — focusing on boxing, conditioning, or a combination of both. 

The academy currently offers a one-week trial of group classes for $7 and a Personal Training Special for $90 that provides three, 30-minute solo virtual sessions with a coach. Visit TBAʼs website for more details.