As the lockdown has gotten longer and longer, many people who used to go to the gym have begun working out at home. As students, we tend to have small budgets, and the online fitness community can be a great way to access workout plans and fitness tips free of charge. There are many influencers in the fitness community on a multitude of platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 

Here are three fitness influencers who you should add to your daily watchlist.

Will Tennyson 

Living in Toronto, Will Tennyson produces content with helpful fitness tips regarding workout routines, diets, and recovery. However, he also keeps an extremely light tone in his videos and keeps you engaged by showing you that you can remain healthy and in good shape while still enjoying the foods you love. 

Oftentimes, you’ll find him eating fast food with other influencers in the fitness community,  as well as using the various methods and diets of people like Bruce Lee, Henry Cavil, and even an F1 driver! 

Overall, Tennyson has been able to stray away from the typical fitness mould in which influencers just make vlogs and talk about their sponsors; rather, he shows you how to have fun with your diet, gives you various training methods that people have done in the past, and still gives you helpful tips and tricks that you can add to your workouts.

And at only 25 years old, there’s no telling what the future holds for this young creator. Check him out on his YouTube and Instagram.

Greg Doucette 

Greg Doucette has been one of the most prominent influencers in my rotation. He has a solid background, as he has competed in a whopping 54 bodybuilding competitions and won a light heavyweight contest in 2012! With almost two decades of experience, he is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about fitness, and you can see that in his content. 

His most popular line of videos is his “Natty or Not” playlist, where he discusses well-known fitness influencers and breaks down whether or not he believes that they are using steroids or enhancers of any kind. Not only is Doucette informative, but he uploads very regularly. So if you find that your usual influencer is taking a bit too long to get their videos out, just know that Doucette has you covered. 

Like Tennyson, Doucette likes to keep things interesting on his channel. He has a wide variety of video series and a nutrition and diet series, among others.

He has found a way to use his massive experience to cater to his audience of fitness fanatics. If you need new fitness content, check him out on YouTube!

Greg O’Gallagher

Last, but most certainly not least, is Greg O’Gallagher. He has made an astounding career out of his “Kinobody” program, in which he stresses an intermittent fast that allows you to eat any foods you like while maintaining a low amount of body fat. 

Although O’Gallagher posts his fair share of informational videos, what separates him from the pack is his production quality. His movie-like “Bruce Wayne in Real Life” videos show just how great of a filmmaker he really is. Even though he does not post often, when he does, it’s typically in 4K quality. 

Alongside his Kinobody program, O’Gallagher produces his own clothing brand and supplements that help you look good and feel good. Overall, if you want great quality videos as well as helpful diet tips, I suggest you check out O’Gallagher on YouTube and Instagram.