U of T has announced that it will “increase” the amount of in-person teaching and activities across all campuses and faculties starting Monday, February 7. The transition will vary based on different programs and courses. Campuses, divisions, and departments will update students with more specific instructions regarding the return to in-person learning. 

The Faculty of Arts & Science also released a statement shortly after U of T, stating that those courses initially designated as in-person would offer an online option until February 18 — last day of classes before reading week. These courses would then switch over to a fully in-person delivery mode on February 28, first day of classes after reading week. The announcement added that instructors will reach out to students on whether they choose to offer a hybrid model or teach online until February 28. 

Although the Ontario government does not require certain restrictions, such as physical distancing, to be in place, the university has still increased its security measures for the return. This includes providing masks for those who cannot get them due to cost or supply chain issues. U of T will also be updating UCheck so that students can upload their proof of a booster vaccination to UCheck, starting the week of January 31.

The university will also continue to offer non-classroom spaces for students to study and eat, as well as rapid screening tests. However, it acknowledges that tests are available in limited quantities and recommends those who are registered in the program to continue uploading their results to UCheck. 

U of T’s announcement also recognized staff that continued to work on campus during the online period and reminded employees working remotely that they would be expected to return on February 7. Employees will be contacted by their managers with further details. The university added that it will remain flexible for employees with childcare duties, which fluctuate due to school closures. 

U of T is one of several universities to extend its online learning period in the last few weeks, with Queen’s University, which will remain online until February 28. Moreover, Ryerson University also announced a plan similar to U of T’s today, with a full return to in-person learning scheduled for January 28.