We are taught that working long hours every day with no breaks or vacation is a bragging right. It feels like we must be productive every day. This mindset is incredibly damaging, not only to our bodies but to our mental health as well. It is important that we learn to value ourselves outside of this mentality. 

Self-care has been known to reduce levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, and overall be incredibly beneficial to your mental and physical health. However, the word ‘self-care’ is very general and can be overwhelming. Here are some daily self-care routines that are easy to implement into your daily life.

Long showers after long hours

Sometimes taking a few extra minutes to relax in the shower can make your day so much better. Instead of hopping in for a speedy shower, take one that is a little longer and play some of your favourite music. If you want to do even more, try using a nice soap or putting on a hair or face mask before you shower. 

Hygiene is often something that people fail to manage while struggling with mental health. Turning showering into something that is less of a chore may be able to help you manage that.

Stretches for the soul

Sometimes you don’t have the time for a full workout, or you’re like me and find the gym really intimidating. One way you can get some activity in without putting in too much effort is by doing a quick 10-minute stretch every day. 

I usually like to do this right before bed or when I wake up. It’s a way to get your body moving while being in the comfort of your own room. 

Put your feet up, turn on the TV, and relax!

This one may sound a little obvious, but it helps! It does not just have to be watching TV, but you can make it sort of an event. Have a movie night alone, or with some friends; make some popcorn, get your comfiest blankets, and relax. It’s okay to take the time and allow yourself to relax. 

Doing an activity like this allows me to look at it as a planned part of my day to look forward to, instead of just being lazy.

The point of all of these things is to make everyday activities a little more fun and exciting. Every day, we shower and watch TV, and by making these activities more fun, we allow ourselves to feel less like robots and more like we’re living our lives. 

We tend to lose ourselves in our productive value, and by doing small relaxing things that do not make us look at ourselves as lazy, we take the first step into doing good self-care.