Now that U of T has resumed in-person programming across all three campuses, some students might find it difficult to navigate the plethora of apps, opportunities, and services available to them to help navigate daily life on campus. The Varsity broke down some student resources, and the ways in which students can access them.

Finding your way through campus

It is important to know how to navigate to all of your classes, especially considering the size of U of T’s campuses. 

The university is finally resuming in-person tours of all three campuses. You can register for a tour of UTSG and UTSC from Monday to Friday, between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, and of UTM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during those same times. 

You can also find online campus maps, which are useful when you need to quickly locate a building. Students can also download and print PDF maps, which can be a huge help in deciphering building acronyms. These maps are available for each of the three campuses on the UTSG, UTSC, and UTM websites, respectively. 

Study and down time

U of T has a lot of places where students can study, but sometimes it may be hard to find the perfect spot with the right atmosphere and the level of quietness that you need. The university has an app that shows you study spaces by building, type of study space, and live student traffic. 

The app, created by UTSC alumni, is named SpacePlusU, and there are versions available for both UTSG and UTSC. You can find more about UTM study spaces — including empty classrooms that are available to students — on the university’s website. The university also has an app where you can find spaces to attend your online classes on campus at UTSG and UTSC called Sync Search

All campuses have a variety of food options, and you can easily find lists online of their service hours and locations. Be mindful that even with the in-person return and with provincial restrictions being lifted, some restaurants might be closed, have reduced hours, or only have take-out options — the status of each restaurant is also available online. 

Athletics and health

U of T’s Fitness Centre offers several activities and spaces where students can exercise. These include not only access to gym spaces, but group workouts, sports activities, workshops, and even women-only and trans-positive hours and workouts. The centre has recently returned to full capacity, having lowered its access restrictions as a result of improvements in the state of the pandemic. 

UTSG has different fitness services across different buildings, which you can find on each of their websites. For UTSC, these services can be found at Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre Site. For UTM, Fitness Centre hours can be booked online on the Recreation, Athletics & Wellness website.

Fitness Centre fees are included in tuition fees, but some services require additional membership and payments. You can quickly check data on availability and membership requirements online. 

You can find many health services at the Health & Wellness Centre, which offers doctor’s appointments, vaccinations, testing, and much more. These services usually require booking an appointment beforehand, which you can do by calling your campus’ centre. Contact numbers and emails are easily found online.