With the pandemic almost controlled, life is back to normal. There are no restrictions on how people should mingle or what kind of activities they should engage in. The entertainment scene is back to its former glory. People are engaging indoors as well as outdoors as they enjoy their popular entertainment.

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Video streaming

At the top of the list is video streaming. As pointed out by some analysts, it seems that there are some habits that we picked during the pandemic and they may not disappear easily. As people kept away from social scenes, video streaming was one of the things that kept them busy indoors. With loads of free hours, students spent most of their time watching videos and films. Streaming services offered young people a chance to entertain themselves as well as a pass time. This is still the trend in 2022, streaming services such as Apple TV and Netflix continue to record a high number of subscriptions. They are offering the students, especially during the weekends and holidays quality entertainment. Talking of the latest and even classic TV shows and movies, there is a huge library to choose from depending on your tastes.

Online casino

The second most popular entertainment trend as noted by most commentators is the online casino. With the pandemic, land-based platforms were affected as people retreated indoors. Online casino Canada sphere like most others across the globe became vibrant and since then the number of players has been increasing. It is now a top entertainment, not just for adults but also among students. According to Kevin N. Cochran, a gambling expert who has been offering Canada online casino reviews, students have not been left out of the revolution. They are engaging in online casino games where bingo, roulette wheel, slots, poker, and roulette are some of the games that they enjoy playing during their free time. Some of the reasons that have been cited as contributing to the popularity of online casino games among the students are:

  • They are convenient where students do not have to leave their hostels
  • They allow the students some valuable relaxation time
  • Online casino games provide an opportunity to win some money 

Music streaming

For some time now, music has been one of the most popular forms of entertainment for students. Recent studies show that the young generation is spending more time on music streaming. The beauty of music streaming is that it offers the listener a chance to enjoy their favorite music while also engaging in other activities. Some of the platforms that have recorded high subscriptions in the recent past include Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, YouTube, and Tidal among others.

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Virtual Reality gaming

Augmented and virtual reality technologies are not just opening new doors for students to learn but also providing a new form of entertainment. It has been a source of relaxation and enjoyment for young people. It has even gotten more interesting with the advent of immersive technologies with games becoming more interactive and engaging. Some of the popular games include:

  • Shooting games where the players feel the appropriate presence on the battlefield
  • VR racing games
  • Horror games

Social video 

Talk of TikTok, Instagram reels, and short videos on Facebook and YouTube among other platforms; social videos have become popular. Students are streaming on these platforms as they look for entertaining content. And they are finding it, judging by the number of social videos that are going viral. With social media algorithms now favoring video over other content, it is expected that short videos will be more popular and young people who are looking to create content have an opportunity to cash in on the new trends. Students’ organizations are known to form entertainment clubs where they create content either for entertainment or just for fun. 

An entertainment club that creates content that targets students is set to gain in terms of subscriptions and viewership given that there is a ready market. All that it has to do is create content that is acceptable to the targeted group. Also, with the services battling to win the young, brands will focus on optimizing their content to satisfy the niche market. This means that students and young people, in general, are in for great entertainment as content creators and service platforms compete to deliver the best.

Judging by the trends, it seems the entertainment scene has shifted, and most of the action is now happening online. Technological advancement and perhaps the effects of the pandemic have been pointed out as the main drivers in changing the student entertainment scene. Online video or TV streaming, casino games, VR gaming, and social media videos are among the top entertainment trends in 2022.