At the September 22 vigil, several hundred people gathered at U of T to condemn the Iranian government for the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in Tehran, Iran. JADINE NGAN/THE VARSITY

A protestor holds up a sign referencing the circumstances of Amini’s death: police reportedly arrested her for not fully covering her hair with a hijab. JADINE NGAN/THE VARSITY

A vigil attendee places flowers and candles on a foldable table, which speakers later use as a makeshift podium. JADINE NGAN/THE VARSITY

Vigil attendees stand in a large circle, with many raising their fists to join the community in chants that call for freedom. JADINE NGAN/THE VARSITY


This protestor’s cardboard sign calls attention to the widespread internet shutdowns in Iran. JADINE NGAN/THE VARSITY

Alongside the old Persian flag, which was used before Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, one protestor raises photos of the last shah — Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi — as well as his wife Farah Pahlavi and father Reza Shah Pahlavi. JADINE NGAN/THE VARSITY

Queer activist Nima Yajam, one of several speakers at the gathering, calls for freedom for LGBTQ+ people in Iran. JADINE NGAN/THE VARSITY

After the speeches at Convocation Hall end, this attendee leads the crowd in a chant. JADINE NGAN/ THE VARSITY