The College Football season is already well underway, with the campaign following a similar pattern and timescale to the new National Football League. With fans back in attendance and a new crop of young, hungry and ambitious players coming through the ranks, this promises to be the best and most competitive season we’ve seen for years. The top names are already firing, with followers treated to some remarkable scorelines, including a fair share of upsets. Nothing can be taken for granted in College Football other than the fact we will sit through another rollercoaster year.

Which teams have started the season brightly, and which have the minerals needed to go all the way and challenge for the title? There is still plenty of football to be played before we get an answer to that question, but there are clues and hints available. Football fans looking to make their predictions on the outcome of a game or the season will find the results and form of the best teams to be useful. But there’s another approach that could help you predict the eventual champion well in advance of the game to decide the season.

That approach is studying the NCAAF betting and digging up any hints as to which team will come out on top. The leading online sportsbooks now available across Canada offer odds and predictions on the outcome of the season and the most important games. This allows bettors to enjoy a gamble on College Football, adding a little extra spice to the occasion. 

Do you enjoy watching the big match on television or through the best live streaming apps? Perhaps you prefer to purchase a ticket and attend the stadium, soaking up the atmosphere. Both are improved by having a financial interest in the result. You can give it a go today at the best online sportsbooks, and we’ll explain how in this article.

The campaign may still be in its infancy, but traders haven’t allowed that to put them off offering odds and accepting bets from followers of College Football in the US.

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Ohio leads the way

The campaign may still be in its infancy, but traders haven’t allowed that to put them off offering odds and accepting bets from followers of College Football in the US. The current outright list has the Ohio State Buckeyes as the favorites, and they are head and shoulders above much of the chasing pack, although they do have the Georgia Bulldogs for company. Both teams have been well-backed in the pre-season betting, and following a strong start to the season, they appear to have what it takes to live up to expectations.

We are used to seeing a competitive season at this level of football, but it’s not so often that we notice an outright betting market where the bookies are at a loss to nail down the one side they are backing. Such indecision will trigger the interest of value-hunters who believe they can take advantage. The betting odds move after each game, and the favorites will continue to flip between Ohio and Georgia. If another team finds the form needed to enter the running, they, too, will feature amongst the leaders.

Could there be a dark horse this season? A team that comes out of nowhere to lead the pack and maintain that charge to the finish line? We’ve seen it before, and we will see it happen many more times in the future. That’s why football fans of all descriptions love this level of action, as anything can and does happen. You can’t take your eyes off the play, and it would be a mistake to write off any team at this stage. Most are still to find their feet and best form. If you are making predictions and placing bets, don’t allow the bookies to sway your judgement or change your mind.

Even if a firm is hot on the chances of Ohio, for example, it doesn’t mean that team will win the championship. The bookies’ odds are a guide and representation of how traders expect the season to play out between now and the final match. Those odds have no bearing on the results. If your team has been written off in the betting, it makes no difference. The chances are the players won’t even realise they are the underdogs.