Since we’re not fully on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, having a home gym, even if it only consists of a few pieces of equipment, has become a must. Given that most U of T students are already too preoccupied with work on and off campus, there is hardly any time for the often busy and hectic gym. At home, however, with just some basic equipment, you can fortify your body, keep your health in check, and help you get through the day with energy.

My philosophy toward buying home gym equipment is simple: it has to be portable, multi purpose, and multi dimensional. The following is some equipment I recommend for those of you who want to make a little home gym for yourselves. Note that a couple of these will cost you quite a bit, but if you want quality, durable equipment, it’s a sacrifice you must make. 

Jump box

Jump boxes can be used for a variety of lower-body and upper-body exercises. Plus, it’s relatively easy to move around as it only weighs around 7 kilograms and it can support up to 180 kilograms. 

If you’re interested, don’t fret, there are plenty of plyometric boxes out there. Just ensure that you buy one that is made out of metal and can support your bodyweight — the higher the weight it can support, the better. 

Jump/speed/heavy rope

Cardio exercise has been getting a lot of flak lately, but the worse your cardiovascular health is, the worse you’ll feel physically and mentally. Cardio is also scientifically proven to reduce the risk of many serious conditions. What better way to work on your heart than with a jump, heavy, or speed rope? What’s the difference between the three, you ask? The jump rope is the commonly used rope; the heavy rope is weighted, usually weighing around half a kilogram; and the speed rope is more like a wire coated in plastic, which makes it pretty light and moves quickly when you swing it. You can buy them anywhere, and all three types are pretty affordable. A tip for those getting a speed rope and want to use them on the pavement: wrap the rope with electric or masking tape to prevent it from splitting in half!


Core sliders have been a staple in home gyms, but it’s important to get sliders that are quite spacious — wide enough to hold either your hands or the balls of your feet in place to ensure that you can do upper- and lower-body exercises without hassle. The typical circular core sliders can only accommodate the user’s hands, and can never hold the balls of the user’s feet in place when doing lower-body exercises. 

All in all, bringing the gym home might be the most efficient thing that a university student can do. Hopefully this article helps you do just that!