We’re roughly one week away from Super Bowl Sunday. This year’s matchup is between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ll be tuning in on February 12. 

Whether it’s for the game itself, the halftime show, the commercials, or the food, there’s something for everyone to get excited about ahead of the big game. 

With that, here are the top five foods to enhance your Super Bowl viewing experience.

1. Wings

What is football without wings? They’re versatile, easy to share, and delicious! The key to Super Bowl foods is finger foods, and wings are the king of finger foods. Lather one up with your favourite sauce, throw it on a plate, and you’ll be everyone’s favourite at the function. Bonus points if you manage to not get sauce on your favourite jersey. 

2. Your favourite drink

Whether it’s a cold beer, pop, or water, whatever you choose to down during the game is just as important as any of the food on this list. The combo of chicken wings, a cold one, and playoff football is a big three that hasn’t been matched since LeBron James led the Miami Heat. 

3. Nachos

Probably the most fun option because of its creativity, nachos are a must for a Super Bowl party. The essential ingredients are tortilla chips, cheese, salsa, veggies, and something that’ll add some spice — my preference is jalapeños and tabasco. The perfect part about nachos is that they’re meant to be messy, and the vegetarian option is just as good as the regular option, getting everyone in on the fun. 

4. Dips

As Drake once famously said, “I want my chips with the dip!” There’s nothing like a medley of dips that eventually all get mixed together by the end of the game, whether it’s some ranch, extra sauce for your wings, some queso, spinach dip — you name it! The right dip can make good food great and is the unsung hero of your Super Bowl party. 

5. Pizza

I’m a wing guy when watching football, but pizza definitely has its place at the Super Bowl party. Pizza checks off all the boxes — it’s shareable, its finger food, and who in their right mind wouldn’t like pizza? While pizza is a fan favourite, it doesn’t have the same pedigree as some of the other options on this list — keeping it at number five. 

Hopefully, this prepares you for your Super Bowl party. If your team isn’t in the Super Bowl, just remember that there’s always next year, so you might as well enjoy a good time with some good food and good football.