Amrith David is running uncontested for president on the TRANSFORM UTSC slate in the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) spring elections. He is a fifth-year global development studies specialist with a minor in human geography and is the SCSU’s current vice-president academics and university affairs (VP AUA). Since January, he has been acting as the SCSU’s interim president.

In an email to The Varsity, David said that, if elected, he will work to implement the Universal Transit Pass at UTSC, which would grant students unlimited fare-free rides on local transit systems. He also aims to establish a “student-led wellness centre,” a space that would address mental health, physical health, harm reduction, and sexual violence on campus.  

David hopes to make the SCSU more transparent and accountable to students, in part by providing opportunities for students to understand how the SCSU allocates its funds.

As the SCSU’s VP AUA this year, David successfully lobbied for a revised course retake policy and Ramadan accommodations during the winter exam period, among other policies. He believes that his experiences with the union allowed him to “[gain] insight into what changes must be made within our campus for the betterment of students and the SCSU.” 

Previously, he served as president of the International Development Studies Students’ Association, vice-president external at UTSC, and director of events of the Tamil Students’ Association.