Abdulrahman Diab, a fifth-year statistics and physics double major at UTSC, is running uncontested for the position of vice-president campus life of the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU). He has been involved in leadership roles in numerous clubs, where he has occupied marketing, outreach, and finance positions. Diab also served as the Orientation Coordinator for the SCSU’s Frosh in 2022.

Diab explained that his campaign focuses on clubs. In an interview with The Varsity, he explained that vice-president campus life “tends to be a very club-oriented position.” 

Diab added that clubs “are one of the best parts about being on campus.” He hopes to streamline club processes such as club funding and registration that “people seem to have difficulty with.” Diab also plans to centralize club information so that it is more accessible to SCSU members. 

Above all, Diab said that he wants to be someone that students can talk to about anything related to the SCSU.