Denise Nmashie is a fourth-year student majoring in economics with minors in political science and global development studies. She is running uncontested for the position of the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union’s vice-president equity.

Nmashie told The Varsity that, as vice-president equity, she hopes to establish an equity fund, increase cultural accommodations on campus, and increase programming amongst underrepresented student groups on campus. 

Nmashie has worked as an ambassador for international students, a peer facilitator for the English Language Department, the director of events for Black Students in Business, and is currently in the African Studies working group and president of the UTSC African Students’ Association (ASA). 

“I will describe myself as a change maker,” Nmashie said. She highlighted her previous successes in promoting student engagement with the ASA, increasing the number of events in a year from two to about 10. 

Nmashie highlighted that her experience with the ASA has shown that clubs are not given enough funding upfront and that the reimbursement system requires clubs to rely on executive members to use their own money. Nmashie argues that this constrains newer and underrepresented clubs from running as many events, and she proposes they be given more funding upfront as a solution.

Nmashie also advocates for more halal and kosher food options and the establishment of multi-faith prayer rooms in campus buildings.