John (Yongxin) Liang

John (Yongxin) Liang is a fourth-year environmental management and sociology student running for vice-president internal. He is running on the Thrive UTM slate. 

In an interview with The Varsity, Liang said that he is “really familiar” with the vice-president internal portfolio, as he served as the UTMSU’s vice-president internal associate. He said that his research experiences in budgeting and assessing services such as transportation will also help him accomplish the tasks the position requires. Previously, he also served as Division II board of director representative on the UTMSU. 

If elected, Liang aims to increase funding for clubs, establish a transit bursary for students in need, and reduce parking fees on campus. He also wants to create more spaces for students and clubs at the Student Centre. 

Linda Tamim

Linda Tamim is a third-year finance specialist with an economics minor, running as part of the It’s Time UTM slate. In an interview with The Varsity, Tamim argued that her courses in accounting and budgeting taught her skills that will help her succeed as VP Internal. She currently works as a wealth analyst at an insurance company and  serves as a member of UTM Capital, a student-run investment fund. 

As an international student, Tamim aims to work towards reducing international tuition fees, as well as parking fees. She highlighted the need to create achievable goals for her campaign.

Tamim also wants to ensure that UTM students feel equivalent to UTMSU’s executive members. “I want to make it seem like we’re all a team. We’re here to listen to the students. We’re here to offer them the suggestions they have,” she said.

Raiyan Rizwan

Raiyan Rizwan is also running for vice-president equity. 

In response to The Varsity’s request for comment, Rizwan wrote that he was “too busy with work and studies” to speak with a reporter.