If you’re planning to study abroad, you will definitely have a dream city in mind to pursue your education. Choosing the best city for your most crucial academic years can be time-consuming and critical. After all, the environment you study matters a lot in terms of your career. When deciding the city, there are several factors to take into account including location, affordability, transportation, quality of education, opportunities and cost of living.

Over the years, the UK has emerged to be a dream destination for study abroad aspirants. The country is home to some of the best student cities in the world. According to QS Best Studies Cities 2023 rankings, 15 UK cities have ranked in the top 100 student-friendly cities. 

In this blog, we’ll  take you through some of the best student cities in the UK and discover what best they offer to international students!


London is considered as one of the top student cities in the globe. The city is home to some world-class universities. London has around 40 universities that provide excellent faculty and education. There are a variety of  courses available for foundational, graduate, and postgraduate students with international scholarships.

Being the financial and economic hub of the world, London also offers a plethora of  job opportunities. With this exposure, you can get enough training, internships and part-time jobs, as part of building your career in your student life. 

London has a multicultural community with the best environment for students to build their career. The public transport system is  easily accessible and affordable for students. You can take advantage of various student discounts for affordable living.

Average Tuition Fee: £13,100

Average Living Cost: £850 – £1,350 per month

Top Universities: 

  • University College London (UCL)
  • King’s College London
  • Imperial College London


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, and is blessed with a rich culture. The city also boasts some of the  top-ranking universities in the world. The universities in the city have world-class facilities and the best student community.

According to QS Best Student Cities Rankings 2023, Edinburgh is ranked as the tenth best city. Students have praised the city’s perfect blend of natural beauty, historical legacy and world-class facilities.

High quality education,  academics and practical experience is a trait of all Edinburgh universities. After your studies, you will get opportunities to work with some of the top companies like Royal Bank of Scotland.

Average Tuition Fee: £10,000

Average Living Cost: £1,500 – £1,950 per month

Top Universities: 

  • The University of Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh Napier University
  • Heriot-Watt University


Manchester is the UK’s second-largest city known for its diverse culture, art, culture and history. According to  QS Best Student Cities Rankings 2023, this city ranks 25th. Manchester is one of the best cities for students to seek education and create a professional career. 

The city has a dynamic atmosphere and has a warm and inclusive student community. Apart from academics, the city is famous for its sports and extracurricular possibilities.

Being a prominent economic hub in the United Kingdom, Manchester is home to some of the prominent corporations like Kellogg’s and Adidas. Universities in Manchester offer you jobs, internships and industrial training with these corporate giants.

Average Tuition Fee: £16,000

Average Living Cost: £1,456 to £1,644 per month

Top Universities: 

  • University of Salford
  • The University of Manchester
  • Manchester Metropolitan University


Glasgow, also known as the world’s friendliest city is a go-to destination for any student.   The city has a rich history and varied modern culture. It’s also an affordable place to live when compared to other cities and student housing is also readily available.

Glasgow is well-known for its international standards in academics and  research.

The city has two universities ranked in the top 300 of the world university rankings,  University of Glasgow is 65th and the University of Strathclyde that ranks 277.Glasgow also ranks high for student mix (11th), providing a chance  for students to meet people from different cultures..

Glasgow is home to some of the successful multinational companies like Mind Mate, Clyde Space and Data Lab are some of the best startups for you to gain experience and jumpstart your career. You have a great chance to get trained from some of the best international firms to practically learn all the skill sets before you start working full-time.

Average Tuition Fee in London: £12,000

Average Living Cost: £1,456 to £1,644 per month

Top Universities: 

  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Strathclyde
  • Glasgow Caledonian University


Coventry is a massive strength of international students. The student crowd makes up to  6.8% of the population, of which 40% being international students, making it a very diverse place to study. The artistic and cultural side of the city will definitely impress you. There are a variety of theatres and art galleries and various other options for entertainment purposes.

According to the  QS Best Student Cities Rankings 2023, the city ranks 40th. The University of Warwick is the top ranking university, which ranks 62nd place in the QS rankings this year. Coventry has  well- equipped universities that offer world-class education and the most advanced training for building your career. The academic curriculum & extracurricular activities are  well organised in the universities.

Coventry is the land of automobiles. Rolls-Royce and Jaguar Land Rover, two of the most well-known luxury car manufacturers are located in Coventry. However, if you don’t prefer the automotive industry, there are plenty of other options at firms like KM &T, Cognizant Technology Solutions and others. You can get various internship, training and placement opportunities in these firms.

Average Tuition Fee in London: £16,000

Average Living Cost: £1,265 to £1,400 per month

Top Universities: 

  • Coventry College
  • Coventry University
  • University of Warwick

You will definitely get growth opportunities, learning and a great academic experience in these universities. The environment in the cities will not only improve your career prospects but also  provide a  practical understanding of how the industries operate.

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