When you think of dynamic duos, journalism and design might not be the first contenders. Journalism is about delivering information and finding voices, whereas design focuses on visuals and graphics. While the information itself matters, how we deliver it is also essential. As Design Editors, we work alongside Section Editors and Visual Editors to curate the visual aspects of The Varsity’s newspapers and social media posts. 

In Volume 144, we want to support the voices that tell our stories, ensuring these pieces aren’t lost in big blobs of text with square graphics alongside them. We want to put visuals into the passenger seat while the articles drive the stories. Hopefully, our visuals aren’t only a way to access the pieces that The Varsity has to offer, but also foster a creative and inspiring space, as our readers become immersed within this marriage of design and journalism.

This year, we welcome students with a fresh perspective on journalism that highlights the beauty of visual storytelling. We’ll work to explore exciting ways of delivering information. And finally, we’ll nurture a community that supports creative work while uplifting new and diverse voices that tell the stories that matter.