As Grammarly always says, “Writing is not that easy.” 

There’s so much work to write something that captures and keeps a reader’s attention — especially in this age of TikTok, where we are developing the attention span of a goldfish. And on top of that, there are concerns about grammar, spelling, wordiness, clunky transitions, confusing syntax, problematic or misused words, uneven flow, and more. 

Certainly, a masterpiece can’t be woven together in a day — it takes painstaking time and effort — but it doesn’t have to be done alone. 🙂

We are Ajeetha and Kyla, and we are excited to serve as The Varsity’s Senior Copy Editor and Deputy Senior Copy Editor, respectively, for Volume 144. When student journalists submit their articles, we’re one of the first and last people to pore over their writing, making sure every word and punctuation mark serves a purpose. In this age of rapid misinformation and half-baked content, we’re dedicated to keeping The Varsity up to standard in truth and clarity with rigorous copy-editing and fact-checking. 

Our goals for this year are simple: to serve student journalists so that their voices are heard clearly and authentically, and to serve the student readers so that they’re best informed on the happenings around U of T. To accomplish these goals, we’re looking to expand our copy team and create more resources for those interested. 

If you’re the friend turned to for last-minute, critical but honest editing, or the friend who turns into an FBI agent at the mention of a crush — or just someone who doesn’t want to have the attention of a goldfish anymore — we’d love for you to join us. Without boasting too much, our copy team really is the backbone of the paper.

Ready to give it a try? Joining is simple and free. Contact us at [email protected] and [email protected] today!