As last year’s Illustration Editor, stepping into the world of journalism felt like navigating uncharted water, but my love for drawing guided me through the unfamiliarity of this endeavour. Little did I know my tread into the unknown would lead me on a path of learning, where I discovered our newspaper’s impact on the U of T community. What amazed me the most was that, despite the deadlines and responsibilities, the shared devotion toward storytelling among masthead members created an environment where work never truly felt like work for me.

When Volume 143 ended, I realized the journey I had embarked on wasn’t something I wanted to end. The talented individuals dedicated to this publication inspired me to continue learning from them. But there was also an unfulfilled passion project of mine — comics! 

I am excited to announce that these imaginative and expressive narratives — which have always held a special place in my heart — will now find a home within this year’s volume. They will capture the joys, challenges, and quirks of university life, and I hope you are as stoked for them as I am. Together, we will continue to enrich our community through the power of storytelling and art.