On September 22, in their first exhibition game of the season, the Varsity Blues women’s basketball team fell to the University of Waterloo Warriors 59–48 at the Goldring Centre.

The Blues huddle pre-game to discuss their strategy. KATE WANG/THEVARSITY

What happened

The Blues dominated the first quarter, beginning the game with a strong 19–8 lead. Blues guard Ellen Ougrinov was essential in helping the team increase their lead with her exceptional ball-handling skills and by drilling the first of many three-pointers in the match. 

With the Blues leading by 11 points going into the second quarter, the Warriors’ defense significantly improved as they began to work their way back up on the scoreboard in an effort to tie the game. Nevertheless, the Blues’ offense stayed strong, and they were able to hold onto a 10-point advantage, maintaining the score at 28–18 by the end of the second quarter. 

Back from halftime, Warriors guard Ghiselle Poblete led the team in points with multiple successful breakaways, including driving down the line, reverse layups, and quick jump shots. The Warriors clearly held their momentum, even though the Blues still had a 45–35 lead at the end of the third quarter. 

The Blues fought hard to score against the Warriors’ tough defense. KATE WANG/THEVARSITY

In the fourth quarter, with strong encouragement and cheers from the bench, the Warriors applied pressure on the Blues defensively and stepped up their attacking plays. 

As the pressure overcame them, the Blues tried to remain supportive of one another as they made more strategic plays on the court. However, they could not secure a basket after the seventh minute of the fourth quarter. The Blues were outscored 24–3 during the final quarter. 

The Blues switched strategies, and began attacking the rim in the fourth quarter. KATE WANG/THEVARSITY

The Warriors’ expanding advantage continued to intimidate the Blues as the game continued. Ultimately, the Warriors earned a valiant, dominant comeback win against the Blues, leaving the final score at 59–48.

What’s next

After this tough loss, the Blues will travel to Montreal on October 6 to play against the Concordia University Stingers in the Concordia Classic Tournament, where they will have another chance at bringing home a victory.