The Varsity Blues men’s hockey team faced the Brock Badgers at Varsity Arena on November 18 for their first match against each other this season. The Blues had fallen to the Guelph Gryphons 7–4 on November 16, ending their five-game winning streak. Unfortunately, the Blues couldn’t stage a comeback and lost 4–2 against the Badgers. 

What happened

The first period was off to a rocky start when third-year forward Billy Moskal was given a penalty four minutes into the game, allowing the Badgers to score their first power-play goal of the night. Furthermore, a penalty to Blues defenseman Aiden Reeves led to another power-play for the Badgers. 

The Badgers continued to make their way through the game, scoring their second goal 18 minutes into the first period. However, with 30 seconds remaining, the Blues’ shining Captain Cole Purboo came through with an unassisted goal, ensuring the period ended 2–1. This was Purboo’s eighth goal of the season.  

The Blues came back stronger for the second period. Moskal and second-year forward Graham Dickerson set up third-year forward Ben Woodhouse for a goal, which led to the second goal of the night for the Blues and levelled the score to 2–2. This was Woodhouse’s second goal of the season. Both teams played aggressively in the second period, resulting in two penalties for the Blues and three penalties for the Badgers.

The third period saw some rising tension between the teams. The Blues fought back hard, but the Badgers scored their third goal eight minutes into the period. Eager to score and level the game, the Blues pulled out their goaltender Jordan Fairlie to add extra offense to the team. Instead, this led to the Badgers securing an empty net goal, bringing the game to 4–2. 

About a minute left in the game, an intense fight broke out. Second-year forward Nicholas Wong and Woodhouse faced penalties for roughing, along with the Badgers who faced three penalties for roughing and cross-checking. 

Despite their loss, the Blues defended well and Fairlie saved a total of 28 out of the Badgers’ 31 shots.

What’s next

The Blues currently rank third in their Ontario University Athletics West division and eighth nationwide in U SPORTS. They will play their second match against Toronto Metropolitan University on Wednesday, November 22.