Taken at the American University of Beirut campus in Lebanon, this is a photo of my cousin and I taking in the beauty of our surroundings. In another life, this would have been the campus I attended and the views I would see daily. Would I have taken it for granted, as we tend to do when we lose our excitement to things? How would my life have turned out? What is that version of me doing right now? 

The vastness of the sea reminds me of how small we really are.

Into the Abyss.


Zack Tabudlo reaching out for the hands of concert-goers.

I don’t know much about art, but something about this photo reminds me of a Baroque painting. A hand reaches out above a sea of other hands. The sea rises in response and grasps at it, desperate for touch.

I was exploring around London’s back alleys in the Seven Dials District and found this alley particularly interesting due to its slow narrowing as it neared the end. The repeating brick textures and camera ominously looking down at you makes you want to get out and see what’s beyond at the end of the alley — a bit like an undergrad.

Callum Baker with a swarm of kids wanting his autograph and selfies in Goldring after a postgame against Harvard University. NEIL PATEL/THEVARSITY
Cityscape of the Toronto skyline from Trillium Park. RAYMOND WONG/THEVARSITY

Walking around in Athens during the peak of the July heat wave was exhausting, and I guess it was for this stray cat as well. It was just lounging around, looking at the passing tourists, at ease in the hubbub of a busy European city. I liked the textures and colors on the wall; the cracks, the plants, the paint chips. It looks like it’s seen a lot come and go over the years.

A sStreet performer near Bonsecours Market in Montreal. AVERYN NGAN/THEVARSITY
Defensive Line player Jackson Mayer focusing and tuning in just before the big game. KATE WANG/THEVARSITY
A sStovetop from a student apartment. BRENNAN KARUNARATNE/THEVARSITY
The interior of Trinity College. IMELDA WEI DING LO/THEVARSITY
An infinity mirror that reflects the endless uncertainty that consumes our minds, all while having to consider the realities of life. ISABEL KHUDR/THEVARSITY