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Partisanship everywhere you turn

All governments make mistakes. It’s an inextricable fact of human nature. However, in a democracy, people have the choice to

Polanski’s crime and punishment

There is something wrong with a society when people are scampering to defend a man who confessed to drugging and

Ezra Nawi’s trial in error

Buried deep beneath the melancholic headlines of the Israel/Palestine conflict, far beyond the fog of the Gaza war, lies a

Faux news at it again

A couple of days after four Canadian soldiers lost their lives in the American-led war in Afghanistan, Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie,

The dream of an Egyptian resurgance

Having inherited the legacy of the Pharaohs, I marvel at Egypt’s grandeur. With its rich history, natural resources, and dynamic

Who’s afraid of Ahmadinejad?

As worries of a showdown between the U.S. and Iran increase, so does the Cold War déjà vu. The techniques

The Gaza war in our own backyard

Never has the chasm between political debate and military reality been so wide. The ease with which one can whip

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