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Engineering Identity

Sitting in the back row of MIE100 Dynamics, a first-year engineering class, is like sitting in at the United Nations […]

8 April, 2003
Breeding unease in Queen’s Park

They surround me as I stand in the middle of Queen’s Park—squirrels. Exactly 22 of these bushy-tailed critters are busily […]

10 February, 2003
The great deluge of e-degrees

Among the futuristic skyscrapers of downtown Singapore, a small group of academics, business people and IT experts are busily preparing […]

16 January, 2003
Tobacco donation makes a stink in corporate ethics program

St. Michael’s College is being lambasted by an anti-smoking organization after it was revealed that its new program for corporate […]

7 November, 2002
“Lights, Campus, Action!”

Two empty director’s chairs sit under the gothic archway buttressing Knox College’s foyer. Around them whirls a production crew. It’s […]

28 October, 2002
The media is the message

Emma Wadland wears dark sunglasses and says she’s here because of her humanity. Dressed in a black blouse and skirt, […]

3 October, 2002
Ian Wright, Episode 42: Antarctica

If you don’t know Ian Wright, you could be living in Antarctica. But it seems even there the inhabitants know […]

30 September, 2002
O-Week a sweaty success

St. George campus came alive last week as 6,000 first-year undergraduate students celebrated their entry into Canada’s largest university as […]

9 September, 2002
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