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Questions remain on LRT lines through Scarborough

UTSC administration hopeful that issue will be resolved after municipal elections

17 March, 2014
Two new residence buildings in the works

Up to 800 new beds part of attempt to address housing shortage on St. George campus

6 February, 2014
Proposed student residence rejected by City

U of T claims it needs at least 2,000 more beds by 2020 to keep up with growing demand

27 January, 2014
Ontario Municipal Board hearing on proposed 24-storey residence concludes

Decision to be released in coming weeks

2 December, 2013
U of T St. George defends two-day fall break

Policy maintained in spite of increasing number of Ontario schools implementing week-long breaks

4 November, 2013
Paul Martin, Lloyd Axworthy, and Bill Graham tout importance of diplomats

Liberal heavyweights help launch Oxford Handbook of Modern Diplomacy

28 October, 2013
Brand new Munk One program praised by faculty, students

Program designed to broaden first-year students’ worldviews

21 October, 2013

Alessandra Harkness