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Shooting for the stars

Two U of T undergraduates invited to the International Astronautical Congress

16 October, 2016
Staring into the abyss

Discovering Dragonfly 44, a galaxy composed of 99.9 per cent dark matter

19 September, 2016
Turning back the clock on greenhouse gas emissions

U of T research team develops more efficient way to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into fuel precursors

11 September, 2016
Black hole research rewarded

Associate professor wins prestigious astrophysics award for work on gravitational waves

21 March, 2016
Key crushers

Apple’s resistance to FBI investigation is a boon for privacy rights

7 March, 2016
Ripples in spacetime found to be physical

Smashing ‘gravitational waves’ detection turns 100-year-old theory into fact

21 February, 2016
Think smaller: nanosatellites may be the future

The University of Toronto Institute of Aerospace Studies Space Flight Laboratory has successfully demonstrated the use of autonomous spacecraft for piloting nanosatellites

8 February, 2016
Planetary Billiards

U of T PhD student publishes new research suggesting Jupiter may have knocked another planet out of our solar system

15 November, 2015
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