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Sunshine List reveals salaries of over 3,800 U of T employees

U of T investment fund president earns almost $1 million, second highest salary in Ontario

2 April, 2018
The UTSU executive candidates on the issues: The Varsity’s data analysis

Most candidates endorsed the CFS’ “mission and vision” while also advocating to leave the organization

24 March, 2018
A third of sitting UTSU board members have effectively abandoned office

According to union bylaws, 18 directors have missed enough meetings, with average attendance of 52 per cent this year

16 March, 2018
Where do U of T PhDs end up? Research shows preference for staying in academia

Survey of 10,886 U of T grads conducted

12 February, 2018
Cost of deferred maintenance at U of T drops slightly from last year

UTSG’s delayed repairs rise to $478 million

29 January, 2018
The real ticket masters

Ticket bots are banned in Ontario, and sellers have upgraded their technology to fend them off ­— but is this enough to win the arms race against the software?

29 January, 2018
Online survey details 16 accusations of sexual harassment at U of T

Inappropriate touching, making comments about appearance most common forms of anonymous allegations

15 January, 2018
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