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Mutiny over the bounty: where is ECSU’s money going?

Matt Arduini went to the ECSU (Erindale College Student Union) Annual General Meeting Wednesday looking for answers, but he ended […]

29 March, 2004
Beauty Brontë

The U of T theatre scene is strong on all three campuses, and judging by the current production on stage […]

25 March, 2004
Out in the burbs: UTM’s gay and lesbian community find their place

It’s been a year of growing pains for OUT@UTM, which is winding down its first year as a fully recognized […]

22 March, 2004
Attack of the clones: Raelians hit UTM

On Wednesday, a panel of four experts met at UTM’s Matthews Auditorium to debate the question “Cloning and Stem Cell […]

15 March, 2004
SAC candidate guide (part one)

SAC elections begin on March 16. Part Two of this guide will appear in the March 15 issue of The […]

9 March, 2004
Constitutional changes get thumped at AGM

Thursday, Jan. 5 saw a major event in the calendar of the Students’ Administrative Council (SAC), as the group held […]

9 February, 2004
Strong contingent rally in Mississauga, Scarborough

Average university tuition is 126 per cent higher than in 1990. Only 8.31 per cent of university revenues come from […]

5 February, 2004