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Slain prof immortalized with scholarship

In a stark white concrete space within 1 Spadina Crescent, the first David Buller Memorial Scholarship was awarded to three […]

5 April, 2004
Endowment losses hit Connaught Fund

A recent Governing Council meeting revealed that the prestigious Connaught Fund has been slashed by $10 million, largely in part […]

6 November, 2003
Local theatre scene gets injection of Youth

Okay, so we all know by now that Woody Harrelson’s in town. But the actual reason why he’s here has […]

2 October, 2003
Rotman’s Marxist? Yeah, right.

In his Financial Post editorial, “The Rot at Rotman”, Peter Foster vigorously condemns the Rotman School of Management, fueling this […]

11 September, 2003

Andrew Cohen