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Gentlemen losers

They say nice guys finish last, and in a post-feminist era, it’s more true than ever. They don’t know how […]

29 March, 2004
Ten things to remember when the chips are down

Life has a way of shattering your illusions, especially if you go poking at them by asking silly questions-“the” question-What […]

25 March, 2004
Together alone

“Relationships, dating, sex, working, career goals, future… socially anxious people can’t do these,” says Dr. Martin Katzman, a psychiatrist in […]

9 March, 2004
Mindfulness: how to pay attention in two easy steps

What you could change your life for the better in only twenty minutes a day?Sounds like a celebrity fad-diet from […]

29 January, 2004
Hail the new religion

Figured you were an atheist did you? Chances are you participate in a religion without even knowing it-and we’re not […]

15 January, 2004

Cyclists not above law Re: Idle cops riding cyclists, Jan. 6The author believed that he should not have been ticketed […]

15 January, 2004
To hell with macho

In an era of one-night-stands and flexible sexuality, it’s quite uncool to find yourself acting in ways your grandparents would […]

9 October, 2003
Why I vote, grudgingly

This week Ontarians will get their all-too infrequent chance to exercise their democratic rights and choose their fate for another […]

29 September, 2003
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