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Scarborough Campus Students’ Union moves to control media access to meetings

Motion claims that student media are “abusing” position, “misrepresenting reality”

13 December, 2018
Graduate Students’ Union’s failed AGM puts organization at risk of financial default

Tensions arise over concerns of financial transparency, opposition to presence of student media

4 December, 2018
The New York Times hosts Art of the Book Review panel at U of T

What makes a good book review and what goes into the process of book criticism?

2 December, 2018
Examining multi-level marketing

A look into MLM companies’ business techniques, legality

2 December, 2018
Ontario legislature passes controversial labour reform bill, repealing workers’ rights

Voting was delayed due to protests from Fight for $15 and Fairness

25 November, 2018
Trinity Saints Ball held off campus for first time

Recent changes in residence, alcohol policies call for large events to be moved off campus

22 November, 2018
The Breakdown: Student union transparency

A look into how unions remain accountable to their constituents

18 November, 2018
UTSU AGM 2018: Students endorse UTMSU, UTSU separation

Motion passes unanimously with 222 votes

31 October, 2018
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