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Renewing our democracy

Preliminary figures shows that only 49.02 per cent of registered voters cast a ballot. For the first time in Ontario […]

17 October, 2011
The Israeli Apartheid Week I want to see

“Streets were filled with people and his van surrounded by thousands” so the story began. It was one of those […]

28 March, 2011
The start of a revolution?

“The age of revolutions is over,” my grade nine teacher in Iran told me. He suggested I was wrong to […]

7 February, 2011
Living in a Facebook world

When TIME’s Person of the Year was announced for 2010, it’s fair to say many people around the world didn’t […]

24 January, 2011
Is Canada a democracy?

In the conventional language of today’s political science, Canada is a prime example of a democracy because of its political […]

6 December, 2010
Welcome to Fordland

If you want to laugh, laugh. If you want to weep, weep. But it’s now done. Rob Ford, the right-wing […]

1 November, 2010
The violence must end

It was a moment of elation and celebration. Not only for thousands of Canadian sex workers, but those in the […]

11 October, 2010
Islamic Republic coming down in Iran

It was in July of last year when I wrote about the commencement of Iranian protests in the wake of […]

7 January, 2010
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