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This confounding thriller is anything but Basic

War is messy, but as Basic proves, films about Special Forces trainees on a field exercise in the jungles of […]

31 March, 2003
Toronto Symphony Orchestra for the common folk

Symphony enthusiasts should look elsewhere for a review by a classical connoisseur. All I can offer is my opinion of […]

11 March, 2003
Hart House hosts future Fellinis

Some people were so desperate to be part of the Hart House Film Board Gala last Thursday night, they were […]

3 March, 2003
Come to the Cabaret

Since it’s one of the most-produced shows of the 20th century, it’s difficult to bring something new to Cabaret, but […]

13 February, 2003
Almanac reminds us why we don’t live in Pickle Lake

Many CanLit writers cling to the notion that the truly Canadian life is a small-town one, even though most of […]

13 February, 2003
Bullying the universe into shape

In a small church basement, seating fewer than fifty people, Bully takes us into the mind of a ten-year-old universe […]

7 November, 2002
A real sham vs. the real Charade

The trailers make it look like just another whodunit action flick with two beautiful actors to put bums in seats, […]

4 November, 2002
Opera for dummies

The Canadian Opera Company is continuing its campaign to reach a younger demographic this year by offering discount tickets for […]

7 October, 2002
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