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Torontonians, hold on to your music venues

A spate of closures underscores the need to preserve the city’s nightlife

26 February, 2017
Equality on the cutting room floor

Women filmmakers still face adversity in a male-dominated industry

25 September, 2016
The Artery of Toronto

Online platform seeks to bring artist and audience together

25 September, 2016
The past reflects the present in I Am Not Your Negro

Raoul Peck’s film examines America’s history of racial oppression and violence

18 September, 2016
Keeping up with UTM’s happenings

There’s no shortage of arts & culture at UTM

8 August, 2016
It’s Shamir’s world, we’re just living in it

From gender fluidity to cooking, we sat down with Shamir Bailey to discuss his unique approach to music and life

28 July, 2016
Two sides of Canadian cinema

The gap between French and English film is growing larger

15 June, 2016

Ben Harrison Smith