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Indelible art

Diverse and expanding, Toronto’s tattoo community puts ink to skin

12 January, 2015
The consent conversation

From ‘no means no’ to ‘yes means yes,’ the language of consent on North American university campuses may be changing

14 September, 2014
Tuition fees continue to rise

International students hit hardest, domestic students see slight increase

31 August, 2014
Apple ends contract with Canadian campus bookstores

Increasing online purchases affect college and university outlet sales

10 July, 2014
U of T to create new institute dedicated to Indigenous health

Institute to address inconsistency in health status between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities

25 June, 2014
U of T announces plans for conference on Indigenous health

Conference provides opportunity for participants to discuss ways to improve Indigenous care, develop cultural competency

8 June, 2014

Caitlyn Fleming