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The value of vinyl

Students and experts weigh in on the appeal of the vinyl record

10 January, 2016
“As it appears from the outside”

Shay Salehi gives The Varsity a tour of her studio in Guelph

6 December, 2015
Content and its creators

As the job market becomes dominated by informal work, young people emerge at the forefront of a group that is redefining success

30 November, 2015
Getting high, DIY style

Three dope methods for making your very own weed accessories

22 November, 2015
“You have to take care of it yourself”

Emerging artist Nathan Shaw discusses his musical career as electronic artist Ekali

23 March, 2015
Concert review: Bondax

A review of the DJ-duo’s recent Toronto concert

20 October, 2014
Toronto’s age of graffiti

Street art projects strive to bring visual interest and engage in provocative issues

24 March, 2014
From Sydney to Los Angeles: Anna Lunoe

Anna Lunoe opens up about growth and journey as a triple threat DJ, vocalist, and producer

3 March, 2014
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