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The Varsity goes to TIFF, Part III

Blood TiesGuillaume Canet was one of the lead actors in the French film, Les Liens du Sang, before branching off […]

18 September, 2013
The Varsity goes to TIFF

TIFF pandemonium began last Thursday with the arrival of big shot celebrities and highly anticipated films. Here is just a […]

9 September, 2013
Review: Blue Jasmine – Woody Allen

Go west, middle-aged former socialite

1 August, 2013
Film Review: The Bling Ring

For the sagely interlocutors of Plato’s Republic, the myth of Gyges’ Ring begs a fundamental question: ‘If you had the […]

27 June, 2013
A film for all seasons?

With the Oscars fast approaching, DANIEL HOROWITZ takes aim at the quality of recent Best Picture winners

13 January, 2013
Big risks and big dreams

Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart discusses his new documentary, Revolution, and the need to take action against environmental decline

17 September, 2012
TIFF: the best and the rest

Toronto’s annual film extravaganza has returned with its diverse lineup of docs, dramas, comedies and everything in between. Here is The Varsity’s take on some of what TIFF has to offer this year.

10 September, 2012
Cosmopolis, Take One

A review of David Cronenberg’s confusing journey into the crumbling world of a Wall Street billionaire.

11 June, 2012
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