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The most wasteful time of the year

Holiday festivities come at a major environmental cost

7 January, 2018
U of T student given Most Valuable Professional award by Microsoft CEO

Sabrina Smai reflects on her tech journey and how AI can spark global change

28 October, 2017
U of T-developed app can inform transit policy

City Logger can track commutes and provide insight into modes of travel

22 October, 2017
U of T team places first in World Human Powered Speed Challenge

Speedbike reaches 127.6 kilometers per hour

2 October, 2017
Before the age of the iPhone

The story of how our cell phones came to be

24 September, 2017
CAMH opens $15-million Krembil Centre for Neuro-informatics

Computational scientists to collaborate with clinicians to make sense of mental health records

17 September, 2017
Fourth annual Science Literacy Week returning with 700 events

For the love of science and literature

11 September, 2017
Uniting psychiatry and bioengineering to study brain disease

Optogenetics leader Dr. Karl Deisseroth gives talk at SickKids event

27 July, 2017

Devanshi Adhvaryu

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10 January, 2018
12 September, 2017
How to get started in research
5 September, 2017