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PTSD and traumatic brain injuries are related

Source: Science Daily

4 March, 2012
Space elevator, ‘nuff said

Source: GMA news,

4 March, 2012
Goats and their gruff ways

Source: Science Daily

27 February, 2012
Diagnosing “kinky” behaviour

EMILY DUNBAR analyzes the acceptance and rejection of paraphilias

12 February, 2012
The perfect liquid

Source: Science Daily

30 January, 2012
Quantum computing

Source: Science Daily

30 January, 2012
“I’m walking on sunshine,” four-limbed fish’s last words

An oft-conjured image when imagining the process of evolution is of fish crawling out of water on four limbs. A […]

9 January, 2012
The brain’s “little supervisors,” more than just glue

Amongst the brain’s complicated network of neurons are their support structures, called glial cells, derived from the Latin word for […]

8 January, 2012
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