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Who taught us to hate ourselves?

Hyper-visible and invisible: racialized people are constantly striving to be something they’re not

23 February, 2020
The publicity stunt of greenwashing the climate crisis

Develop good habits, not social media posts

24 November, 2019
But does it spark joy? Slow fashion in a high-paced world

How you can squeeze yourself and your ethics into a nice pair of jeans

10 November, 2019
Integration of social media-motivated cultural movements into course content is long overdue

K-pop and #MeToo courses bring academia closer to contemporary issues and subjects, challenge the traditional canon

29 September, 2019
Sometimes not getting what you want is a massive stroke of luck

This summer, the Arts & Culture section of The Varsity will be exploring how to navigate your first year at U of T

17 June, 2019
The news world needs another Peter Mansbridge

U of T’s new archive on the former CBC anchor reflects a time before the age of distrust

16 March, 2019

Emily Hurmizi