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Dark is the art

The Varsity explores Toronto’s all-night outdoor art festival

6 October, 2014
The Nuit Blanche survival guide

The do’s and don’t’s of Toronto’s annual art festival

2 October, 2014
“A portrait of touring Canada as a rock band”

The Varsity interviews The Darcys about Warring, and their continued success as an artrock band

21 September, 2014
Behind bedroom doors

Inside the personal spaces of young adults in Toronto

7 September, 2014
Blowing a whistle at traditional art forms

A review of Geoffrey Farmer’s latest piece at the AGO

17 July, 2014
The art of pride

Two cultural events from the World Pride festival in review

3 July, 2014
“Not finished, and therefore still full of potential”

Comic artist Michael DeForge talks comics, school, and being an artist in Toronto

14 May, 2014
An Ant-Pocalypse: Ant Colony

A glimpse into the world of Adventure Time designer Michael DeForge and his latest book

3 February, 2014

Emily Scherzinger

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