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Magazine Editor ERENE STERGIOPOULOS tells you why you should read our last — and best — magazine of the year

19 March, 2012
Sexy Time at U of T

We asked hundreds of students how they like to get dirty. Apparently you’re all panthers in bed.

13 February, 2012
Letter from the editor

A few remarks on designing the issue

6 February, 2012

The Varsity brings you the breakdown of U of T’s hits and misses. We may have harassed you on Facebook to complete this survey, but the results were well worth it.

23 January, 2012
Mystery illness hits student journalism conference, everybody pukes

Delegates live-tweet vomiting epidemic; alcohol not to blame (sorry, Hemingway)

15 January, 2012
There’s a Nobel for that

Nobel-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman visited U of T to promote his new book (and get hailed by a fire alarm)

5 December, 2011
How to lose at beer pong

Text by Murad Hemmadi and Erene Stergiopoulos,
Pictures by Bernarda Gospic, Illustration by Matthew D.H. Gray

28 November, 2011
Get a move-on this Movember

This month, grow big or go home (your facial hair, that is)

22 November, 2011
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19 March, 2012
Letter from the editor
6 February, 2012