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How to maintain Valentine’s Day flowers

Scientific ways to care for your bouquets

10 February, 2019
The genetic basis of oxygen-deprived tumours

PhD candidate Vinayak Bhandari studies genetic drivers of cancer

26 January, 2019
Natashya Falcone develops healing hydrogel

UTSC PhD candidate researches cost-effective and sustainable chemical alternatives

19 November, 2018
Toxicity in the wellness movement

Myth, fact and privilege in the wellness movement

21 September, 2018
A roundup of construction, renovations at UTM

Several buildings remain under construction at UTM as the campus welcomes its largest ever first-year cohort

17 September, 2018
Researchers model chemical bonds using quantum computers

The multi-qubit simulation of a quantum chemistry calculation is a world first

18 August, 2018

Flora Hewitt-Harris